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A Little History

Jessica Waffles first found her attraction to photography in her hometown of Los Angeles, CA. The raw beats & community vibe of the underground rave scene in Los Angeles inspired the notion that something significant was happening - and that someone absolutely needed to capture these precious moments in history. She started Waffles Weekly in 2012, whose mission was to spotlight artists & connect the community. Through hundreds of events, thousands of photos, & collaboration with several photographers in the Greater Los Angeles Area, Waffles Weekly soon became the go-to source of photography for the scene at the time. 

In 2014, Waffles moved to Dallas, TX. At that time the photography side of her career would be put on hold, while she dedicated her life to a traveling event company - hosting festivals around the United States, at one point going as far as Alaska. Her life was 90% marketing & production planning, 60% road life & 30% skydiving. Those numbers may not make sense to you, but that's what it was for 2 years before she decided to part ways.


In August 2015, when the repetition of her life started to weigh her down (close to her departure from the aforementioned company), she found the Dallas music scene. Can you guess what it was that first got her attention? That's right - the blues. 

In all her life, this was the first time she was sitting 5 feet from a band of musicians at a smoke-filled bar, watching them lay their hearts & souls out on the floor of the corner of the room they called the stage. The conviction in their eyes as they could only sing the truth, the sorrow from deep inside. The guitar strings wailing like a crying storm cloud on a hot summer night. This first real "discover Dallas music" outing changed the course of her life.

Since that day, she fell in love with Dallas-Fort Worth & has been on a never-ending  music & art discovery mission ever since. Waffles is a live music addict & the only fix is going to shows, supporting artists, and forever keeping an open mind. Her tastes range all over the spectrum, from blues, country, soul, hip-hop, indie, punk, classic rock, jazz, pop, emo, reggae - really just almost anything that grabs her attention.

She rebooted Waffles Weekly in July 2017 & it has been nonstop events ever since. Since the reboot, Waffles has produced over 150 photo albums from DFW events (published to Facebook), and has dedicated thousands of hours to supporting music while developing & honing her photography craft. Staged portraiture has been the newest addition to services, as live music & art events are her specialty. 

In a perfect world, she would spend her days in a constant state of discovery - traveling the world to photograph things that inspired & amazed her. Her friends say she's one of a kind. Good in business & great in friendships. 

If there's anything else you'd like to know, feel free to ask -


P.S. If you're ever in the real world & run into her - she prefers to be called Waffles. not Jessica.



photographed in the past year

(as of June 2018)

2B Happy

40 Acre Mule

88 Killa



Andy Pickett

Austin Pittman

Bass Physics

Ben Holt Jazz


Billy Law

BJ Stricker & The Kings

Black Frames

Bob Schneider


Caroline Milton

Charley Crockett

Charlie J. Memphis

Cheap Furr


Chilldren of Indigo

Chris J Norwood

Christian Brooks Band

Christian Martin


Colleen Francis

Crooked Bones

Cure For Paranoia

D and Chi


Dee Empty

Delbert McClinton

Denver Williams

Dirty Groovz

DJ Titan

Droo's Peace Crush

Edgar Derby

Edward Desabelle

Electrik Ants


Fade Up Fade Out Bye Bye

Forgotten Space

Fridays Foolery



Henry the Archer

Hightower Band


Jacob Banks


Jason Elmore & HooDoo Witch

Jenna Clark

Joe Savage

Jonan Rigsbee

Justin Tipton


Kelly Nygren

La Pompe

Larry Gee

Le Cure

Leighton Fields



Lydia Low


Masta Sneed

Maya Piata

Mean Motor Scooter

Medicine Man Revival

Megan Storie

Michael Lee & Wartime Limousine

Mike Randall & The High Road

Mitchell Ferguson


Nick Snyder & The Real Deal


Noah Jackson

Northen National

Ottoman Turks


Parker Twomey

Patrick Hamilton

Paul Cypher

Pearl Earl

Preston Pannek

Pretty Shitty

Q&A Trio

Quinn XCII

Rainbow Kitten Surprise

RC & The Gritz

Reinventing Jude

Remy Reilly

Richard Gilbert

Ryan Berg & The Velvet Ears

Sagacious Zoo

Sam Lao

Scotty Isaacs

Shane Landford

Shaun Martin of Snarky Puppy

Shift Shakers

Silas Nello & The Uneasy


Smokin' Rita Band


Sum 41

Sunny Marcell

Sur Duda

Texas Gentlemen

Thaddeus Ford

The Bright Light Social Hour

The Cops

The Cush

The Freeloaders

The Memories

The Wild Reeds

Tin & Tonic

Tommy Luke

Trademark Paradise

Tyler Curtis

Upsetting (formerly Teenage Sexx)

Verm & Loretta

Vincent Neil Emerson

War Party

Wax Logic

Werewolf Therewolf

Wesley Jensen & The Penny Arcade

Wil Taylor



venues photographed

Adair's Saloon

Armoury D.E.

Backyard on Bell

Braindead Brewing

Bucky Moonshine's

Butler Brother's Building

Caves Lounge


Club Dada

Dallas Arboretum

Deep Ellum Art Company

Dirty 30

Double Wide

Dreamy Life Records & Music

Drugstore Cowboy

Ferris Wheelers

Flying Saucer Fort Worth

Fraternal Order of Eagles

Granada Theater

Green Elephant

Guitar & Growlers


Henry's Majestic

High & Tight Barbershop

House of Blues Dallas

Intrinsic Smokehouse & Brewery

J&J's Pizza Denton

Lee Harvey's

Legal Draft Brewery

Lekka on Henderson

Lizard Lounge

Longhorn Ballroom

Louie Louie's

Love Pic Love Studio

Majestic Theater


Opening Bell

Pegasus Plaza Downtown Dallas

Prophet Bar


Regal Room

Rockit Lab Studios

Royal Oaks Country Club

Saint Ann

Sambuca Uptown

San Francisco Rose

South Side Ballroom

Spinster Records

Stonedeck Pizza

Sundown at Granada

Tavern on Main

The Free Man

The Ginger Man

The Goat

The Green Elephant

The Rustic

Three Links

Tin Panther

Tobert's Grapevine


Truck Yard Dallas

Tutta's Pizza

Twilite Dallas

West End Plaza

Wild Detectives

Wits End

Mentions + Endorsements

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